Maintain Your online Presence For IT Jobs

Maintain Your online Presence For IT Jobs

Skillful and responsible use of social media can help with getting an IT job.

For some employers the paper resume is becoming a thing of the past. For years the standard method of applying for any job was to send in a written resume in regular mail to a company representative or Human Resources department for review. The organization’s hiring staff would sift through piles of resumes to see who is the best match.

Companies found themselves inundated with resumes to look at often taking them away from other duties. With the growth of the internet and technology there are now easier, more efficient methods of finding the best candidates that are becoming apparent. Social media has become widely used by people and more employers are using it in screening candidates.

Social media gives ideas to employers what kind of employee they may make. Sites like Twitter and Facebook gives users the opportunity to establish their online presence. This is how people act ant interact with other user. Sites like Linkedin  also helps establish a client’s ability to do a job. The paper resume does not give a complete picture of an applicant.

Some industries can benefit from the use of social media as a screening tool. This may be especially true in the Information Technology field where knowledge of the use of technology is important. For example, IGN Entertainment Inc., the gaming  firm, launched a program  named  Code Foo where  programming skills are taught to skilled gamers with little experience, paying participants while they learned. Instead of soliciting résumés, the company posted a series of challenges on its website aimed at gauging different applicants thought processes.