The Women’s Media Center Wants You!

The Women’s Media Center Wants You!

Are you an aspiring journalist, political commentator, or news anchor? Do you consider yourself a media maven with the guts to get the glory—or, more importantly, the story? The Women’s Media Center may have just the opportunity you need to launch your career. The Progressive Women’s Voices program exists to help strong women who have something to say become more media savvy, ready to jump right into the news world and make a splash.

The program is considered to be highly competitive, but don’t let that deter you from your passion. We need more women both represented in the media as well as working in the media itself today more than ever. If you always find yourself coming up with something that sounds Rachel Maddow-ish, you think you could be the next Katie Couric, or if you want to be the person young women and girls look up to and get their news from—saying, “I want to be her someday!”—then the time to apply is now.

Only three classes are offered, and the first two have already come and gone this year. However, if you apply by this Friday, September 3, you may have a chance to get into the training sessions offered this November and December. Only ten women will be able to participate in each round of courses. Each course will contain a plethora of important training exercises and information, such as how to conduct interviews, get your headshots and biographical information out to the public, the nuances of op-ed writing and radio hosting, and many other concepts.

To qualify for the program, you do need to have some experience in the communications field. Applicants should identify themselves as media savvy progressive feminists who have vast political knowledge and feel comfortable discussing everyday political issues—both in general and in complex, intricate detail—with others. Self promotion is also key here; applicants should be willing to use various media platforms and resources in order to promote themselves and attain a high level of visibility. The training program also requires a firm commitment to both the program as well as the values for which it stands. All different ages, races, professions, and levels of experience are welcome, and women of diverse backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Remember, the application is due at midnight on September 3, this Friday. Click here to apply, or here for more information.