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IT Jobs With Growth In The Next Year

Money Magazine had recently released its list of top ten fast growth occupations for 2012. These jobs typically have low barriers to entry and can bring high pay and job satisfaction. Two of these jobs including the top spot were in the information technology field.

The number one job listed was Software Developer. The average pay in this position is $82,400 with high salaries coming to $118,000. Job growth in the next ten years is expected to increase 32 percent.  The job involves the ability to design, test, and debug software programs for mobile devices and apps. Developers frequently need to retrain and learn new programs. Self-study online courses are available for tech minded individuals. Computer courses in local colleges  are routes for initial training.

Seventh on the list is Information Technology Consultant. Average salaries for this career is about $96,500 with salaries on the upper scale being $154,000. There is an expected increase in job growth of 20 percent over the next ten years. Many firms are continuing to invest in technology with much of it focused on mobile devices and applications. To master these complex areas, many firms are enlisting the help of IT consultants, who can recommend and implement improvements to IT systems, resolve system problems and manage the installation of new software and system upgrades. Educational requirements are usually a Bachelor Degree in  a technical field with more complex position requiring a Masters Degree.