October 2011

Why Info Tech Is Dominated By White Males

A new study shows that IT workplaces tend to be hostile towards women and people of color.

The Level Playing Field Institute (LPFI) has released a new study that shows that information technology workplaces (IT) can create hostile environments toward women and minorities, which has contributed to such a demographically uneven representation in the IT industry between males and females, whites and minorities. Previously thought to be primarily an issue of education, with many more white males seeking IT degrees, it seems that the problem goes deeper than that. The study says that IT workplaces foster a culture that excludes and bullies women and minorities at a much higher rate than they do males or whites. “The IT sector is one of the fastest growing in our country, yet women and people of color continue to be vastly underrepresented,” LPFI Executive Director Robert Schwartz to Venture Beat.