January 2012

Maintain Your online Presence For IT Jobs

Skillful and responsible use of social media can help with getting an IT job.

For some employers the paper resume is becoming a thing of the past. For years the standard method of applying for any job was to send in a written resume in regular mail to a company representative or Human Resources department for review. The organization’s hiring staff would sift through piles of resumes to see who is the best match.

Companies found themselves inundated with resumes to look at often taking them away from other duties. With the growth of the internet and technology there are now easier, more efficient methods of finding the best candidates that are becoming apparent. Social media has become widely used by people and more employers are using it in screening candidates.

Trends In IT Hiring In 2012

Trends in the use of electronic data and technological devices can set the tone of hiring in this area. Consumer demand and use drives the development of the IT field. More devices are becoming mobile and agile as they become lighter and more powerful. Data is being transmitted now more than ever. Two occupations in demand reflect this.

Google Gains Interest In Small Business Area

Entrepreneurship and small business has seen a resurgence in recent months. People out of work and laid off and not able to find employment have decided to try their hand at beginning a business. People are retiring and looking at starting a business that they always wanted to do.

Technology has provided entrepreneurs ways to do business like never before. Lighter more powerful computers and more mobile devices mean people can do business efficiently just about anywhere. The internet has allowed small businesses to be able to market their products and services to a wide audience of potential customers.